Return / Mulligan Process

What is a Mulligan?

  • A Mulligan is a process for SP4 members to return items received from Short Par 4. Start the process by filling out the Mulligan Form and we'll send you a prepaid return label to ship your items back. Once the item(s) are received by SP4, you will receive a refund in SP4 Bucks in the value of your items to shop for Mulligan items in the SP4 Vault or use toward an upcoming subscription.

**Note that there is a restocking fee of $10 that will be taken off of the value of the SP4 Bucks you'll be receiving.


How do I start the Mulligan process?

Click - Mulligan Form


Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “My Account”
  3. Click "Mulligan Form" to fill out and submit information on the items you wish to return.
  4. Receive your email with a prepaid return label.
  5. Ship your package and redeem your SP4 Bucks once the shipment is received by the SP4 Team.
  6. Use your SP4 Bucks in the SP4 Vault or toward an upcoming order.

 Condition of returned items.

  • The condition of the returned items MUST be in the same condition that you receive them. If SP4 receives the product back in unacceptable condition, you will receive 20% of the value in SP4 Bucks instead of 100% of the value.
  • To receive 100% value in SP4 bucks, the product received by SP4 must be shipped back under the following conditions:
    • The product must have the original tags.
    • Not be visibly worn, damaged, or stained.
    • Hats must be sent back in boxes to avoid being damaged during shipping.
    • Shoes must be returned within 30 days of purchase, unworn on the golf course & be shipped back inside other packaging and NOT just the shoe box itself. If your purchase is outside of 30 days, reach out to the manufacturer regarding any issues.

 What items can I return?

  • All apparel items are eligible to be returned if they were sent to you in your current month’s package.  Items received prior to your current month's packages will not be eligible for return.


When will I receive my return shipping label?

  • A return label will be sent to your email within two (2) business days of SP4 receiving your Mulligan Form submission.

When will I receive my SP4 Bucks?

  • Your SP4 Bucks will be applied to your account within two (2) business days of SP4 receiving your return package.

Cost of the Mulligan?

  • Returns are FREE!
  • Returns for Executive & Magnolia Members are free. Please contact the CS team using one of the methods below (hours are between 10 am - 7 pm EST)
    • Email:
    • Live Chat: On the homepage of our website (click here)
    • Live Text: 210-SP4-GOLF (774-4653).  Please provide your full name and the email that is on the account.

What can I do with the SP4 Bucks I receive?

  • You have two options!
    • You can redeem them toward a purchase in The Vault.
    • You can use up to 2,000 SP4 bucks for a $25 value for a discount for an upcoming shipment.

Can I do a Mulligan for an item I received through a previous Mulligan (Executive & Magnolia Members)?

  • Yes! You will go through the same Mulligan process using the same "Mulligan Form" that you did to perform your previous Mulligan.  Item(s) must comply with the same rules; if it was received in the current month or the previous month then it is eligible for a Mulligan.

When will my order from The Vault ship?

  • An order placed in The Vault ships within two (2) business days.
    • A confirmation email with tracking will always be sent when your order is being prepped for shipping.

How much is shipping for The Vault?

  • Orders over $99.95 are FREE.
  • Any purchases under $99.95 will be charged $5.95.

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