Covid-19 / Coronavirus Update

With the ongoing spread of COVID-19 at an incredible speed, our top priority is the safety and wellbeing of our employees, our families, and our members. I want to ensure every one of our members, Short Par 4 is doing its part during this challenging time. We have decided to offer our employees a flexible schedule to try and eliminate more than eight people working in the offices at once. 

Handling of Packages:I will tell you that our Short Par 4 employees have NOT experienced any symptoms of COVID-19. All employees have taken extreme measures when it comes to the handling of all packages, including receiving and packing with gloves on and frequently washing our hands.

Fulfillment:We have been in constant communication with our apparel and shipping partners regarding any delays for April and May. At this time, we do not see any reason for delays. Having said that, if something comes up, we will be sure to make our SP4 family aware.  

Returns:Short Par 4 will be offering free returns in April and May. This means you can return any or all items in the package that month at no cost. With your returns, you will receive SP4 Bucks; these will be credited into your account once we receive your return. SP4 Bucks can be used in the Vault and up to $25 off your next month's package. The return link will be available in your account starting April 1st.

SP4 Mulligan Shop / Gift Card:If any members have SP4 Mulligan Gift Cards, we will transfer those funds to SP4 Bucks at a 2:1 ratio. Please click HERE to enter your first name, last name, and email address. Please allow five business days for your mulligan gift card value to be transferred to SP4 Bucks. 

Please stay safe and be well.

Bobby Dimeo - CEO of Short Par 4

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